Have No Fear, Your Probate Expert Is Here!

Probate is often feared as a complicated or daunting process but depending upon the estate, it can be made easier. Peaks and Valleys specializing in providing simple, cost-effective guidance to those probating the estate of a loved one.

Often people will ask whether probate is necessary and if it can be avoided. Unless an estate plan that avoids probate is in place in when a person dies, the answer is generally “no.” The probate process is often necessary so that debts can be settled and legal title to property can be property transferred.

Often, the first step is to find an original copy on the last will and testament of the deceased. This will need to be submitted to a probate court to begin the probate process. If there is no will, please contact us for details on how to proceed with an intestate probate.

Not all property is subject to the probate process. Non-probate assets with named beneficiaries such as life insurance, retirement accounts, annuities and bank accounts are often passed outside of the probate process in accordance with the policies of the entities that manage them.

Whether probating with or without a will the first action a probate court generally takes is to appoint a personal representative to administer the estate of the deceased. The personal representative works closely with the court and any lawyers, accountants or others involved to ensure that all debts are property addressed and assets are inventoried and distributed properly.

Probate should not be feared as it is the process by which creditors are barred from making claims and families can transfer property after a loved one dies. Please call 406.207.6462 or email peaksandvalleyslegalservices@gmail.com and make an appointment to learn more about avoiding any dreaded probate complications.